Thursday, October 10, 2013


It has been a while since my posting, so I thought I would do a little catch up before I begin again.  I am still busy doing my Cricut thing, there having been lots of changes in the Cricut world, many old cricut-teers did not like.  I will be updating those changes to that I have found and post links to the places I have found that have helped me lots. I have been doing some teaching on the how too's of the many different Cricut machines, and the digital world of Cartridges using the Cricut Craft Room, which they are seeming to perfect everyday.  On another note I have become a Cameo user, which is another cutting machine and I use it to create my own designs for selling of shirts and mugs and lots and lots of great personalized items. So if you are in the need to have something personalized please feel free to contact me. I will be posting pictures of" My Styles and My Designs". Scrapbooking has just so many great tools to get the job done. I also have been going to the Scraptaculars Getaways retreats, as their Cricut Concierge! which is alot of fun, I get to help those that have questions concerning their Cricuts, along with teaching a class or two and hoping to sell some of my Scrapbooking Bling/Vinyl custom Scrapbooking shirts and other items. I will also am going to do a  tool time with Sandy, as there are so many cool punches and tools, we have but just don't take the time to use,(more on tool Time with Sandy to come). So I look at my scrapbooking day in the life of as this, "a dinner plate" Half is all the greens,(which is good for your/Cricut peeps) 1/4 Cameo Silhoutette, for "My Style*My designs" and 1/4 for all the other great products, stamps, punches, accut,cuttlebug,vagabond,paints,copics,bow-makin, on and on and on.

Well that's pretty much it for today's post, and please comment if you have any questions!!
Blessing to you all!

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