Sunday, July 11, 2010


My Golden Cricut came,,, can you believe it!! you all know how much I have been talking about saving and someday I was bound to get it!!! Well that day has come and I am here to show pictures of her, and where she will be hanging out ! I will be bringing her to the July Cricut club to show her off and so you all can see what my excitement was all about all this time. I have given her the name of "Queen Esther" from the bible. ie Queen Expression, but I liked Esther way better,LOL

So here she is, my (finally whewww!)Golden "E"

Is she not everything I have ever spoke about, and a quick fyi, see this figurine, and many of you have heard me say, "I use to collect Precious Moment, and Boyds bears, but now I collect Cricut Cartridges!!!

and you get two golden cartridges with it, soo soo cool, as you can see it has been placed (for now) in my collection cabinet. But I know me I will be taking it out and using it!! and Jackie R. will be making her some jammies, soon.


  1. I am so jealous!! I was saving my points for one but I only have 3000 and they have no more :( Maybe they will get some more so I will just keep saving :) CONGRATS! ITS AMAZING!!! The cartridges that it came with are they the same?

  2. Thanks Melissa and Rhonda for your comments

    yes she is beautiful and the carts that came with her are in gold too.

    It is a great honor to have gotten one. I have not even use her as of this date. 8-9-2010

    I will be bringing her to the Cricut Swarm retreat I am co-hosting this Nov. :)

    thanks again
    sandy L

  3. Congratulations. She's beautiful. I know she was worth the wait.

  4. Oh man she is beautiful.......I want one!!!!!!!